Week 4

Monday: Caz had to wait 8 weeks until her benefits claim was processed – she says she felt like a second class citizen

Monday: Kalhan has been assessed as ‘unemployabe’ sine she developed a neurological illness but she lives in fear of being reassessed

Monday: Hawa fled from a forced marriage and found herself having to live on food vouchers of £35 per week

Monday: Damon says people are really struggling and the only way out is proper full time jobs

Monday: Kimberley says that it’s harder to find a job when you’re unemployed and is now thinking of starting her own benefits.

Tuesday: Joy loves her Textile course and she is very inventive – she hopes it will lead to work

Tuesday: Simon says that he had to claim benefits after suffering a mental illness which left him unable to work

Wednesday: Darren says he had to wait 14 weeks to get any benefits and had to rely on loans and charitable handouts.

Thursday: Rebecca goes to the Job Centre to sign on

Friday: Simon is worried that yet another form he has to fill in will cause long delays in his benefits – again.