Video Schedule – Week 2

Monday: Letitia is keeping her fingers crossed she’ll get the job

Monday: Gary was sanctioned – the Job Centre admitted it had made a mistake but he was still left with no money

Monday: Joy ended up in hospital and on benefits when she lost her job because of her mental health problems

Monday: Tanya has to budget carefully to make sure she and her son have enough to live on

Monday: Frank and Martin says the welfare system discriminates against single Dads

Tuesday: Karen is a full time carer for her daughter but they have to share a bed and can’t get rehoused

Tuesday: Sean had a high paid job and never expected to end up on benefits

Wednesday: Col is now living in a hostel since his release from prison. Desperate to rebuild his life, he thinks no one will employ him.

Wednesday: Darren talks about being made to go to driving job interviews – even though he’s registered partially sighted.

Thursday: Damon thinks sanctions are a ‘kick in the teeth.

Thursday: David would love a job but in the meantime he says he has to do the best he can with what he’s got

Friday: Karen – hear more of Karen’s plight to get a 2 bed house as she cares full-time for her 24 year old daughter

Friday: Paul has been threatened with sanctions despite applying for 150 – 200 jobs per week