Real Benefits Street – the reality that doesn’t make it onto TV – you can help more people to tell their stories

Real Benefits Street finishes next week – and it’s had a real impact, challenging stereotypes and making many more people aware of the reality that doesn’t make it onto TV. Thousands of people have watched the video stories made by our real experts, and they’ve been shared widely on social media. We’ve received many, many messages expressing solidarity with the experts – and support for this project and its aims.

“Aside from giving practical support to very vulnerable people, you are doing something so important – you’re giving them a voice, and giving a little balance to the awful lazy stereotypes that are served up as universal truth by almost all our media. I was once unemployed for a year – it was terrifying; I was lucky enough to have the support of my family, but otherwise I’d have gone under.  I’m not optimistic we will see any closure of the gap between rich and poor under the new government, and that makes organisations like yours so important.  Please, please keep going.”

As we prepare to close Real Benefits Street  with some powerful final messages from the real experts, you can still help more people see the reality that doesn’t make it onto TV. Keep sharing our videos – make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. And watch this space for news of ways you can speak out about the injustices that people face daily when they’re supported by benefits.

And Real Benefits Street won’t be the end. We’ll carry on working with these experts – and with other people who are struggling to make ends meet – to make their voices heard, and campaign against the injustices that trap them in poverty. If you’re able to make a donation to Church Action on Poverty, you can help make sure those voices carry on being heard. Just fill in your details below to give now.